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We offer free initial consultation regarding the aquisition and disposition of art, estate jewelry and antiques. Often we can assist with the entire estate. We bring the expertise garnered from 30 years of experience and thousands of previous estate situations to assist you. Beyond the initial consultation we work by commission or hourly fee, depending on the situation.

What's it Worth?

We offer free evaluations of up to 5 items by email. It is usually not necessary to include more than one or two images per item, but do include dimensions and maker, if known. You can forward images to jack@fairfieldauction.com.

Professional Written Appraisals

We also offer written appraisals for probate, insurance and division of property. We can value antiques, fine art, jewelry, vehicles and most other personal property. All written appraisals include digital and printed version and are performed to U.S.P.A.P. standards. Our fee is $200/hour with a $1000 minimum. If you are simply interested in selling items a formal appraisal is not likely neccessary. Feel free to call our offices for more information.


We can manage the sale of collections or individual items through auction or brokerage to the biggest dealers, institutions and collectors in the world.

Immediate Outright Purchases

We are always interested in buying quality antiques, fine art, silver and jewelry. Through our network of collectors, dealers and institutional buyers, purchases from $500 to $500,000 can be completed immediately. We can also arrange clean-out services as part of estate buy-outs. Call (831) 400-2348 or email jack@fairfieldauction.com today if we can be of service.

Previous Sales

We've sold over $75,000,000 of antiques and fine art over the past thirty years. Some of our recent highlights can be viewed at our highlights page by clicking here.

Now Serving the Central Coast and entire Bay Area

With offices in Connecticut and California we now offer appraisal and art advisory services that reach the top buyers on both coasts and everywhere in between.